Monday, April 2, 2007

FY07--FY08 Workshops

It's about time for me to add a couple of workshops to the end of FY07's schedule and begin planning for FY08. Please send me feedback re: what kinds of topics you'd like to see in FY08. I have several in mind already, but I'd like to hear more ideas from those of you working in our libraries.


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

librarywillie said...

Hey Vivienne --

I like your style. This could be very helpful -- if we will remember to use it ;)

One concern about the FY2008 workshops I have is that they not be all bunched up together in October and February if possible.

I know you try hard to spread them out, but this year was particularly brutal for me and my staff since I'm such a workshop-goer. I hate to miss out on new ideas and the chance to network with my peers.

Keep up the good work; you're the right person for this job!

Willie in Del Rio

Vivienne said...

Thanks for your nice comments Willie! I am glad to have the opportunity to assist the AALS libraries in any way I can. Now that I've gotten my feet wet and have been working in AALS long enough, I know to spread out the workshops more next year. It was a learning curve for me this year as I was getting used to the idea of when committee meetings were held, in addition to TSLAC videoconferences, and other stuff. I will spread out the workshops during the course of the year and lighten up the schedule in June/July due to Summer Reading Programs. I'm glad you are a regular workshop-goer and have noticed you've brought staff to our programs. That's great!

R said...

Hi Vivienne:

I'm hoping for a/some workshops in cataloguing? I am fairly new to the field - and we need more expertise.

Rebecca @ BPL

R said...

Hi Vivienne: I'm hoping for workshops in cataloguing if possible. I am fairly new to the field. All the education I've seen has been quite some distance away and fills up too fast.

Rebecca in Boerne

Vivienne said...

A basic cataloging workshop could be incorporated into next year's schedule. I am in the planning phase as we speak! Thanks for your input, Rebecca.