Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Video Gaming Workshop

Last week's video gaming workshop was an incredible success! I think this was our most unique professional development workshop this fiscal year. AALS has attempted to open up new ideas to our libraries, video gaming programs being one example. The presenters, Eli and Erin from Ann Arbor District Library, clearly explained the benefits and drawbacks of using video gaming programming in your library. They are both familiar with issues that public librarians face, so they had a practical view of what works and what doesn't. This was very helpful because some libraries are thinking about trying this type of programming for the first time. Tournaments seem to be the best way to go. The presenters explained how kids often are willing to bring in their own consoles for these programs. Another option is to buy one for your library since you can find cheap ones--under $100. They also demonstrated the tournament bracket structure--very easy to do + you can find many templates online, or just use a basic Excel spreadsheet instead. AALS is thinking about developing a video gaming kit for our libraries to check out. If we do this, it will be stocked with a few games and other equipment in one package. What do you think of this?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Workshops Happening This Week

This week's workshops bring something to the table for everyone. On Thursday, we will have the fun and exciting video gaming workshop, offered by our friends at the Ann Arbor District Library. Then on Friday, we will have a "Fun with Funds" workshop offered by the Texas State Library and Archives. Both workshops will prove to be invaluable to librarians as they are trying to find innovative ways to serve the public, while seeking funding at many levels. Come to one or both workshops to find some practical examples of how you might want to include video games on your library's radar screen, or find new ideas for fundraising projects.